Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Katy Perry - Part Of Me

Part Of Me is the latest single from US pop sensation Katy Perry. Most of us cannot help but have a soft spot for this California songstress. Whether it be as a result of the music itself or the fact that she's not exactly an aesthetically displeasing creature, it would only be a terminally embittered specimen with a heart of stone who would have nothing positive to say about her at all. As well as being beautiful, her songs Teenage Dream, Hot 'n' Cold and Firework have rightfully become smash hits in recent times. Best of all, she writes her own stuff. Overall, what is there not to like about her?

Her latest single is, predictably enough an energetic, hook-filled stormer. To note the lyrics, one cannot help but feel as though this is the modern version of I Will Survive. Although Perry herself strenuously denies that this song is a reaction to the failure of her marriage to Russell Brand, this is still a fantastic breakup anthem. Newly-single women across the globe will listen to this track and go, "Hell yeah, I'm with you sister!". With lyrics such as "You can keep the diamond ring, I never liked them anyway, in fact, you can keep everything except for me", nobody could accuse this song of being devoid of meaning or intent.

As for the tune itself, it may not be as catchy as the aforementioned Teenage Dream, but it certainly makes up for it in terms of its energy and its sentiment. Part Of Me is vintage Perry. It is fast, fun, "sit up and listen" pop for the 21st century. This latest offering seems to be irrefutable proof that, at this point in time, the I Kissed A Girl superstar can do no wrong.

Overall though, this song is a tricky one to sum up. When listening to it, one cannot help but feel that it is not quite as good as Teenage Dream or Firework. However, it is only moments after the song ends that the listener realises that the song is now stuck in their heads and they are sub-consciously humming it to themselves. With few exceptions, any song that can achieve this is an undisputed winner.

Worth a listen? Oh yes!

Verdict: 8/10

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