Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Flo Rida - Wild Ones (feat. Sia)

Wild Ones is the latest release from Miami-based rapper Flo Rida. This one seems to have been knocking around the UK Top 40 for a long while now and, with one listen to it, it is not exactly tricky to see why. WWE wrestling fans will be familiar with Flo Rida for his recent performance at Wrestlemania 28, as well as the songs of his that were heavily used for promotion leading up to the event. Others, perhaps sadly, will remember/know of him simply because of the diabolical reworking he did of the Dead Or Alive classic, You Spin Me Round back in 2009. For those of us who have forgiven him for this Jeffrey Dahmer-equaling monstrosity, his latest works, Good Feeling and now this, are well worth the time of day.

The track kicks off with the chorus. This can sometimes be a risky move in a song. Fortunately however, the chorus to this song happens to be tremendous, and immediately lets the listener know that this tune is well worth their attention. Featuring the vocals of Aussie vocalist, Sia, the chorus is instantly memorable, catchy, heartfelt and, perhaps even beautiful. This initial chorus in thirty seconds long, and in all honesty, the song itself could have ended there and it would still have had the Youtube generation flocking to their computer screens to search for, and then listen to it again.

In reality though, the song (of course) continues beyond this point. The verses then kick in and, in terms of vocals, exclusively feature Flo Rida himself. The beat turns into a more dancey (if that's even a word?) kind of beat, yet still follow the same chord progression as the chorus. For fans of rap, Flo Rida's vocal work during the verses is tremendous and highly enjoyable. However, even non-fans of rap will continue listening, safe in the knowledge that that brilliant, melodic chorus is just around the corner once again. Essentially, whether you like, or even appreciate the busting of rhymes (as I believe it's called in the hood), this song will have something for you and keep you listening until the very end.

Overall then, this song has terrific crossover appeal and will inevitably be enjoyed by most music fans. It is tempting to laud immense praise upon it for being far better than Flo Rida's 2009 effort, Right Round. However, since even the Jonestown mass suicide of 1977 was better than that particular offering, that is not saying much! In all seriousness though, Flo Rida; well played sir.

Worth a listen? Most certainly.

Verdict: 9/10

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