Saturday, 19 May 2012

Justin Bieber - Boyfriend

It is difficult to think of anyone in the entire history of entertainment who has divided public opinion so much. The consensus on Justin Bieber is split between those who adore him, and those who could happily watch him being tortured and not feel a flicker of sympathetic emotion. For many of us, Bieber's one quality seems to be that he is an incredibly good looking young man and that is it. It's all style, not an ounce of substance. Unfortunately though, female children are an impressionable, easily pleased bunch, and many of them also have parents who are only too willing to keep them happy through the medium of their wallets. As long as this remains the case, it seems that the Bieber bandwagon will continue to surge, while the rest of us roll our eyes and grind our teeth down to the gums.

As for his latest "song", Boyfriend the first thing to note is the video. It is just as irksome as one might expect. It essentially features Bieber sitting in expensive cars and dancing around with beautiful women, all the while with a heavily undeserved smile of accomplishment on his face. Any Bieber hater watching this will almost get the impression that the video was deliberately designed to annoy them. It seems to include everything that fans of musical talent and actual, general worthiness hate about him. Furthermore, his repeated smug glances towards the camera only make things worse. Visually then, Bieber's latest single is a spectacular miss. The list of things that would be more pleasant to watch than this is virtually endless. The public disemboweling of a loved one for instance.

So what of the song itself? It's typical Bieber really. Yes the chorus has a hook, but it's more the hook that the woman in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre gets hanged on by Leatherface rather than a hook in the sense of being a good song. The verses are impossibly bland (never mind though. That means less to distract the listener from watching that fantastic video). It is difficult to find any redeeming features in this song, other than that after three minutes and thirty-one seconds, it does end.

Overall then, if you are female and still of an age where Gary Glitter would find you sexually attractive then this is for you. However, for everybody else, stay well away.

Worth a listen? For the most part, good lord no!

Verdict: 1.8/10

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